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  1. catchercreative

    I love this!

  2. marsh_luther

    This is wonderful

  3. josacrank

    Always love visiting the Oregon coast! Beautiful!

  4. alicia.wardwade

    😍 😍 😍 😍

  5. natassie11elf

    Beautiful ❣️

  6. x___stardust___x

    @alicia.wardwade @natassie11elf @avphotocreative @josacrank 🙏😊✌

  7. l__n8


  8. mattdillonphoto

    This is pretty cool! When were you there? I drove through there Sunday and stopped to eat. It was way to crowded plus there were emergency personal on the beach so I didn't stay to take any photos.

  9. x___stardust___x

    @mattdillonphoto We were probably there at the exact same time then. We were eating at the Pelican when the emergency crews were rescuing that person in the inflatable boat and the helicopter was there, etc. We stuck around until sunset after that. 👍 Yeah, the whole coast was pretty busy this weekend, but I guess that's to be expected whenever the weather's decent over there. ☺

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