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H'ewePhoria 25g minis, sock yarn, 80/20, superwash merino/nylon,  are now available at @knittraders Kingston, Ontario. #knittinglife #crochetlove #indiedyer #indiedyedyarn #handdyedyarn #miniskeins #yarnporn


  1. hewephoria

    @iammesas22 Actually, this pic burns the 👀 but you get the idea. Lots of colour pop.

  2. patsy_faye

    I want a project bag with this printed on it like #mrsbrownsbags . I have a birthday coming up!!!

  3. roxswovendreamz

    Omg this is very exciting to gaze at and H'ewePhorically wonderful! Count me in on a huge project bag with this print. Great idea!😍

  4. hewephoria

    @roxswovendreamz @patsy_faye I would like one too. Jodi, @mrsbrownsbags, we're just sayin'😜 Your bags rock.